No Carbs for Breakfast – To Lose Weight?

Do you want to lose weight fast yet enjoy healthy results?  One way to see results is to skip out on the carbs during breakfast.  You do not have to have trouble in losing weight by skipping the carbs for breakfast, as you will learn four (4) techniques from here.

Make Your Breakfast Egg-citing

Eggs have zero carbohydrates, but they are one of the healthiest on earth. Eating eggs for breakfast has several benefits including weight loss.  Here are two of the best reasons:

  • Eggs are excellent sources of nutrients you need to stay healthy while losing weight.  They contain protein and good fats to give you more energy and accelerate your body’s natural fat-burning system.  Eggs are also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B complex, selenium, phosphorous, and iron.
  • Eggs have high satiety index.  This means that eating eggs for breakfast enables you to feel fuller longer that will help you curb your unnecessary hunger for food throughout the day.  The less food you consume, the less calories can enter your body.  You know that in losing weight, you have to control your caloric intake.

Combine Protein with Fat

In ditching carbohydrates for breakfast – such as grains, pastries, or pasta – it helps to choose lean meat and combine it with fat.  Examples of lean meat are chicken, beef, turkey, and lean cuts of pork; and then serve it with nuts, avocados, or green salad drizzled with olive oil.

For variation, you may also substitute the lean meat with fatty fish meat such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel.  Healthy breakfast recipes using these ingredients are readily available on the web and you can find many included in variations of low carb diets like this.

Eating a healthy combination of protein-fat meal for breakfast will prevent you from gorging on fattening snacks that are bad for your health.  It helps to remind yourself that the most important meal is breakfast, especially when you want to get rid of your extra weight.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in fact, published the results of a study showing how the consumption of a high protein breakfast can control your appetite for sugary and fatty food later during the day.

In the same study, findings reveal that eating a protein-rich breakfast meal could lower an activity in the brain that influences cravings for food.

Fat, on the other hand, is digested slowly which makes you feel fuller and enables your body to absorb the nutrients from your food intake, according to several health experts including Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Oz.

Substitute Carbs

Learning how to do a healthy substitution is another way to benefit from not eating carbs for breakfast.  Here are some examples:

  • Instead of using a tortilla wrap, substitute it with a lettuce wrap.  You can prepare a tuna salad in lettuce wrap for your breakfast meal.
  • Instead of using lasagna noodles, replace it with eggplants.  This vegetable is rich in fiber that is good for your digestion.  Optimal digestion is necessary to manage your weight effectively.
  • Instead of rice, benefit from cauliflower.  You can mash the cauliflower to achieve a rice-like texture and then steam it.  Cauliflower is a natural food that enables the body to lose its unnecessary weight. You can also snack on raw cauliflower and benefit from its antioxidants.

Drink a Protein Shake

Another way to remove carbs during breakfast is to drink protein shake.  This is perhaps the most convenient way to benefit from your weight loss breakfast.  Find the best quality protein shake you can afford, and then add some fresh fruits and veggies to your shake to start your day right.

Make sure that you read the label to check the ingredients.  This will enable you to find out if the ingredients are safe for your health condition, e.g. no allergens.  It is also prudent to consult your physician prior to taking protein shakes for breakfast.

If, for any reason, you cannot skip the carbs for your breakfast, go for a low-carb meal.  Add fruits and vegetables as well as good fats such as nuts, seeds, and organic butter to regulate your carb consumption.  Dietary fats, for instance, delay the digestion of carbohydrates to stabilize the release of sugar in your blood stream.

These four techniques make it easier for you to benefit from a no carb for breakfast diet plan.  Use it to get rid of your excess weight fast and to enjoy healthy weight loss results.