Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

There are many benefits that can come with going on a low carb diet, and it’s not surprising that this eating plan is catching on with a large number of people hoping to lose weight. While this eating plan won’t be for everyone, for those individuals who just can’t see themselves giving up on chicken, steak, or another favorite protein, there are plenty of different options when it comes to low carb diet choices.

First: Understand not all low carb diet plans are the same.

This is an important fact to understand. While the general benefits of a low carb diet can apply to a wide variety of high protein eating plans, different rules mean different benefits. For example, several diets like the Atkins Diet and the New You in 22 diet by Jonny Bowden do allow for cheese, milk, and dairy.

On the other hand there are versions like the slow carb diet which don’t allow for dairy which changes the pros and cons for each. This means that while you can enjoy some general benefits from every low carb diet, always remember that each specific type of low carb diet will have its own nuances that can change things up.

Second: The obvious shared benefits.

There are several benefits of low carb diets that are going to be shared by virtually every plan that falls under this category. One of the most obvious ones is avoiding any weight gain or bloating due to excess water weight or from digestive irritation like Chron’s Disease or just general grain based reactions.

While there is still a large degree of debate over how many people have digestive issues with grains, although some studies suggest that it could be in the millions. In theory, many people could have mild irritation to grains to the point where they don’t even realize there’s an issue.

Side effects could include keeping excess water or excess weight, which also can happen from high carb diets if there isn’t also a very high amount of physical activity to go with it. This means there could be pounds of weight loss just from excess water or “bloat” being carried around.

Third: Protein takes more calories to burn and helps with muscle building.

Anyone who has ever been on any type of a weight loss plan knows how important it is to see results. Going with a high protein, low carb diet increases the chances of seeing good early weight loss results, and the extra protein in the body also means that there’s fuel for muscle building. Even minor changes in body shape for the positive can make a huge difference.

For individuals who aren’t that active or are stuck in office jobs, a low carb diet is an especially appealing option because the body can easily turn carbs into sugar, which when it isn’t used quickly. That means easy pounds, while protein is harder for the body to break down into sugar, which helps those who can’t work out quite as much as they’d like to.

Finally, the filling ability of protein.

If you go on a diet where you’re always hungry, it’s doomed to fail. Protein tends to be more filling than carbs, helping to keep dieters full for a longer period of time. Add in veggies as the main form of carbs as opposed to grains, breads, or sugars, then so much the better.

While not everyone is going to love the eating restrictions of low carb diets, there’s no denying that the positive benefits of low carb diets are going to be tempting for a large group of people who love their steak or dairy but can live just fine without pasta and bread.