Dr Jonny BowdenDr. Jonny Bowden always has something shocking to say about wrong techniques and strategies in weight loss efforts. And every time he opens his mouth, he has something new to say or something insightful to teach.

He may not have the solution for all, but certainly, he has made many people happy for letting them experience what it really means to have a lasting solution. Here’s a little background about his approach and his expertise.

This weight loss and nutrition expert has written many books and has inspired many with his speeches. He is not keeping mum about the secrets that he is discovering every day from his research and personal analysis. This guy makes research the cornerstone of his ideas and strategies.

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Bowden’s basis is man’s ancestors’ pattern of living and eating.  In the olden times, men obtained food in the morning by hunting.  After a full day’s work, the clan was called to prepare and cook the game items that were brought home by the man.  Feasting took place at night.  This is how those men refueled their body in preparation for the next day’s work.

As a result of this analysis, Bowden is using the strategy of eating carbs at night.  The book will reveal what is the appropriate amount and what is the most appropriate time to eat carbs at night.

It is important to note that Bowden’s expertise is backed by a good education. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This is why he is incorporating psychological analysis in his efforts to help people solve their weight problems. Bowden also has a PhD in nutrition which is why his books on nutrition are reliable.

Bowden’s books are all worth reading and your knowledge about how the body works will greatly increase.