The New You in 22 Diet and Metabolic Transformation Guide is Dr. Jonny Bowden’s program that is aimed at taking you from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner. The guide takes you through the five pathways to getting your metabolism working optimally. These pathways include nutrition, sleep, stress management, detoxification and exercise.

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The book contains 113 pages of content and worksheets with an additional 4 pages of scientific references.

Included in these pages is a wealth of knowledge, practical and actionable advice. There are daily checklists, food charts, questionnaires to determine your metabolism state and yes … even quizzes!

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Fat Burning 101
Chapter 1: Why Being A Fat Burner Is Superior
Chapter 2: The Fat Burning Hormonal Symphony
Chapter 3: It’s All About Energy
Chapter 4: The Twin Metabolic Destroyers
Chapter 5: Is Sugar Gumming Up Your Gas Tank
Chapter 6: The 3 Major Pitfalls Of Traditional Dieting

Section 2: The 5 Pathways To Optimal Fat Burning
Chapter 7: Pathway #1 – Nutrition: The Granddaddy Of Healing
Chapter 8: Pathway #2 – Sleep: The Fat-loss Techniques You Can Do In Bed
Chapter 9: Pathway #3 – Stress: The Secret Fat Maker
Chapter 10: Pathway #4 – Detoxification: Cleaning Out Your Fat Burning Pipes
Chapter 11: Pathway #5 – Exercise: Is It Really An Effective Way To Burn Fat?

Section 3: Your Fat Burning Step-by-step Blueprint
Chapter 12: The New You In 22 Daily Action Plan
Chapter 13: Optimizing Pathway #1 – Nutrition
Chapter 14: Optimizing Pathway #2 – Sleep
Chapter 15: Optimizing Pathway #3 – Stress Management
Chapter 16: Optimizing Pathway #4 – Detoxification
Chapter 17: Optimizing Pathway #5 – Exercise

Concluding Thoughts: What To Do When The Program Is Over

Appendix A: New You In 22 Daily Checklists
Appendix B: New You In 22 Nutritional Guidelines
Appendix C: Tracking Your Results


In addition to the main manual, Metabolic Transformation Guide, as outlined above, the program also comes with the following:

  • Metabolic Meals Blueprint
  • Metabolic Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus #1 – The World’s 50 Most Powerful Fat Burning Foods
  • Bonus #2 – The Truth About Fat Burning Supplements
  • Bonus #3 – 5 Worst Exercises that Damage Your Metabolism
  • Bonus #4 – Daily Metabolic Motivational Emails

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